Treatment for Concussions

Rest is no longer the standard recovery recommendation following concussion. Research shows that an active approach and early intervention of various therapies can help speed recovery and reduce future complications. Returning to work, school, or sports post-concussion should be a guided step-by-step approach where the patient is an active participant in recovery.

What does Concussion Management Physical Therapy Involve?

A thorough examination and assessment is the first step in identifying the best treatment approach for each individual following head injury. We use the best available evidence-based practices to ensure you recover quickly and return to normal activity safely.

Acute Injury:

Research recommends seeing a healthcare professional ASAP following a head injury with immediate or delayed symptoms. However, the fact of the matter is that the majority of clinicians (MDs, chiros, PTs, etc.) are not up to date with the latest research surrounding concussion recovery and are still prescribing rest alone for 1-2 weeks. Unfortunately, this is no longer recommended as it can lead to physical/mental deconditioning, depression, increased sensitivity to stimuli, and delayed recovery and prolonged return to prior level of function activities.

We encourage concussion patients to see us within the first 48 hours of injury to determine the best route for recovery. Here we will rule out any other major issues that may warrant a trip to the emergency room or a specialist.

Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)/ Chronic Symptoms

If you are still experiencing symptoms 7-10+ days after injury, then you need to come in for an evaluation ASAP. In this Initial evaluation we will identify the potential causes and sources of your persistent symptoms. Once we identify the sources of these chronic symptoms, we will apply specific interventions to address each one. There are currently 5 known potential reasons for ongoing symptoms and we have specific strategies to address each one.

Concussion Management Specialist

Dr. Kirk Ramirez PT, DPT is our highly trained clinician specializing in concussion/PCS management and recovery. He has undergone extensive post-doctorate coursework and studies the latest research surrounding the world of concussions to ensure these patients are able to recover quickly and safely.

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