acl post-op

10 – My ACL Journey – Return to Work and An Unexpected Suture Abscess!

10/19/22 I returned to work this week and feeling great!   On Monday and Tuesday I was using my knee brace to stand and treat some patients but it made my leg very itchy after. The... Continue Reading

9 – My ACL Journey – Post Op Stomach Pain, an Allergic Reaction, and First Steps!

10/5/22 I don’t think I do well with consecutive days of Tylenol (600mg) and Motrine (800 mg). It killed my stomach last night when I woke up with the same stomach pains I had when I was... Continue Reading

8 – My ACL Journey – Post Op Review and Early Rehab

10/4/22 My surgeon called me today and told me to come in early because he wanted to take a look at my knee. Dr. Mehran took off my steris-trips and replaced them with some new ones.... Continue Reading

6 – My ACL Journey – Hello new ACL

9/27/22 Today is the day… and I am nervous AF. Had to wake up early, shower, wipe myself down with this antiseptic thing. Which, btw, takes about 10 minutes to air dry while you’re naked... Continue Reading

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