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Prenatal & Postpartum Physical Therapy and Personal Training

Physical therapy and/or personal training during and after pregnancy, with a women’s health PT at MOTI, can help prevent common discomforts like back pain, can enhance your body’s ability to have a smoother pregnancy and birth, and can help you safely return to fitness after baby.

In the prenatal and postpartum conditions, additional weight, poor posture, stress and control of the center of gravity are not independent from one another. A change in your center of gravity affects your posture, which causes the muscles to work harder. Increased exertion creates fatigue, which leads to a decreased motivation to be active. The absence of an athletic release often results in increased stress. This domino effect can be slowed greatly with the help of a well programmed fitness regimen, under the expert guidance of a women’s health PT


Exercise during pregnancy increases physical endurance and muscle strength, especially in the hips, back and abdomen. Improving these areas can prepare the body for the physically demanding event of delivering a baby. Additionally, exercise during pregnancy can assist the recovery after the delivery. It tones muscle which will improve metabolism, decrease the severity of fatigue, and assist in reclaiming your pre-pregnancy weight.

MOTI’s  women’s health PTs can help you get the physical results you desire, while ensuring that you do not get hurt in the process. Your trainer is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy who can keep a close watch on any symptoms of pain and/or injury and make sure to not exacerbate those symptoms with your training program. Furthermore, your PT will put together a truly expert exercise program aimed at bulletproofing your body and preventing injuries commonly caused by training and the prenatal and postpartum conditions. Your PT will work to create a balance of mobility and stability; furthermore, your PT will work with you to make the lifestyle and home exercise adjustments that will help you sustain this balance throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


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