Yoga + Strength


MOTI Yoga is a yoga-based strength class designed with the expertise of a Doctor of Physical Therapy / certified Yoga Instructor. MOTI Yoga uses standard yoga postures and flows as a base, with added resistance and performance variations to build muscle strength. This class focuses on global body strengthening, with special emphasis on key functional muscles like the gluteals, abdominals, and upper back muscles. MOTI Yoga will help you strengthen in ways that will improve your posture and movement, in addition to looking and feeling great.

Each class is 1 hour and begins with a mobility and flexibility-based warm up, progressing to poses and flows with band resistance to challenge your strength, balance, and endurance. After feeling the burn you’ll end with a cool down and short savasana to leave you feeling refreshed.

Whether you’re a yogi who wants to enhance your practice and prepare your body for more challenging poses, or new to yoga but needing to build functional strength and tone, MOTI Yoga has you covered!

MOTI Yoga is on hold indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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