Mom Strong

Mom Strong

MOTI’s Mom Strong exercise program is created by Physical Therapists and specifically designed to focus on core and pelvic floor activation, total body strengthening and body mechanics for postpartum moms as early as 3 months after delivery but is also perfect for any mom looking to get back in shape.

Our goal with this program is to create an environment to help you feel supported and excited, and to increase your knowledge about your body. We will help you get stronger in a weekly progression that will minimize your risk of overuse injury when carrying and feeding your baby, as well as, returning to any old or new fitness routine.

When: We are now taking enrollments for our September/October program. The program consists of 12 sessions and will meet:

  • Mondays from 12-1pm
  • Thursdays from 4-5pm

Cost: Payment in full of $400 is due in order to reserve your spot in the program. The $400 covers all 12 sessions of the program, and breaks down to $33.33 per training session.

How to Enroll: You may call our office at 323-912-9166. Or you can simply click the orange “Register” button below and follow the prompts to complete your registration.

I did their Mom Strong program, which was focused on building strength and learning the correct ways to move your body/workout postpartum. Megan, who led the classes, was so great in showing us how to do these new strength building exercises and also how to implement them easily at home. She took time with every person to correct their positions and show us how our bodies are supposed to look and feel to get the most out of each exercise. The class was 6 weeks long and each class we progressed our abilities and stamina. By the end, I was able to hold poses/do reps that I did not think I could do, I definitely noticed an increase in my strength! 
I would recommend this program to any new Mom who doesn’t know where to start in getting back to feeling like “yourself”. Because it’s not just about getting back your original body, you want to feel strong and capable in your NEW body, and MOTI and Megan were really integral in helping me get there. – Zoe

Moti is a great new add to Hillhurst Ave in Los Feliz–and it has a HUGE parking lot!  I just finished up a 6-week postpartum back to fitness class (Mom Strong) with Megan.  I already feel a lot stronger and def more confident to begin more strength training on my own without the fear of injury.  The class is intimate and feels like a cross between a mom’s group (great group of ladies you actually want to be friends with after the class ends) and personal training (the class was only about 6-8 women and Megan cares a lot about proper form/technique….which is SO hard to find in a class setting)!  Highly recommend Mom Strong for any mama who wants to feel stronger and healthier while connecting with other mamas along the way. -Lynn

I was part of the first Mom Strong group led my Dr. Megan O’Linn. I can’t thank her enough for putting together a group workout catered for postpartum moms. Not only was it a great way to get a workout in twice a week but I saw significant improvement in my strength over the six week course. The facility is great and their team is very pleasant. Plus, I made some great friends along the way. -Natalia


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