Expert Body Work

Manual Tune-Up

Did you wake up with a creak in your neck? Have you been training extra hard at the gym?

If you are not looking for injury rehabilitation…but could use restorative manual relief every so often, try our Manual Tune-Up…to help reduce muscle tightness and stress, increase mobility and decrease pain.

In this 30 minute hands on assessment and treatment, the physical therapist will use specialized manual techniques to best address your symptoms and goals.

Treatment techniques include:

  • soft tissue mobilization
  • joint mobilization
  • therapist-assisted stretching
  • IASTM tools
  • myofascial decompression cups
  • kinesio tape
  • Theragun percussion therapy
  • cold laser light therapy

The cost for this one on one, 30 minute session is $80.

Manual Tune-Up Offered at These Locations:

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