Training with a Certified Personal Trainer

Training with a Certified Personal Trainer

With movement being the foundation of our approach to Physical Therapy, we are passionate about providing a unique Personal Training experience at our facility…as a way for our patients and our neighborhood community to reach and sustain their fitness goals in a safe and expert environment.

We offer One on One Personal Training as well as Couples Training with our Certified Personal Trainers.

For MOTI patients who have graduated from Physical Therapy, your Trainer and your Physical Therapist can collaborate to create a training program that complements and progresses on the work you have done in Physical Therapy treatment.

Individuals who have not been Physical Therapy patients at MOTI are invited to join our community and work with our highly certified and motivating Personal Trainers.

If you are interested in scheduling a training session, you can use the Scheduler below to search available times and book your appointment.

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