Injury Rehab with Dance Specialists

Dance Physical Therapy

With a thorough understanding of the dancer’s biomechanics and physiology, we have extensive experience rehabilitating injuries that manifest as a result of overuse and/or inefficient dance technique, e.g. knee pain or pain and instability of the ankle. We also treat traumatic injuries that happen as a result of a one-time incidence, e.g. landing a jump and tearing an ACL or dislocating a shoulder during partnering work. Through functional movement assessment of the dancer, we are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of hyper-mobility or decreased mobility. We then work to restore and create an optimal balance of mobility and strength. We also make sure that the dancer returns to sport with a better understanding of their biomechanics and with the knowledge and tools to proceed in their dance career with more effective practices for cross-training, injury prevention, and overall wellness.

Our dance physical therapists have personal backgrounds in dance and/or have undergone additional post-doctorate training to best understand how to treat the dancing body. They have extensive clinical experience treating both young competitive dancers and professional dancers. We are very proud to have worked with dancers with professional credits such as Dancing with the Stars, Shaping Sound, So You Think You Can Dance, Radio City Rockettes, Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Alonzo King LINES Ballet, Ballet BC, Entity Contemporary Dance Company, The TL Collective, Wicked the musical, Hamilton the musical, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Janet Jackson, Magic Mike, La La Land, and numerous other films, stage, and television productions.

As with all Physical Therapy service at MOTI, Dance Physical Therapy for the rehabilitation of an injury is billable to insurance. MOTI is in network with many PPO plans, including SAG/AFTRA plans. *Verify coverage with your insurance company.

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