Physical Therapy


MOTI Physiotherapy is a contracted, preferred provider for many PPO insurances. If you have questions about your insurance eligibility or benefits, our office staff can help clarify what your benefits are. If you have a high deductible, do not have insurance, or if you have exceeded your policy’s allowed number of Physical Therapy visits, we offer affordable cash rates.
* Your insurance co-pay will be collected at the beginning of each session.

Cash Rates
Treatment Price
Single Evaluation or Treatment $125
Discounted Packages for Follow-up Treatments 5 visits for $550
10 visits for $1000
Athlete Movement Readiness Screening $150 *

*For a group or team of athletes we can offer a discounted rate. Call to inquire

Free Injury Screening

If you are injured or experiencing pain, you can schedule a complimentary 15 minute injury screening at which the therapist will identify the problem and advise a treatment procedure.

Personal Training with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

1 on 1 Training
Session Price
Single Session $125
Discounted Packages of Sessions 5 sessions for $550
10 sessions for $1000
2 Clients per Trainer

For couples or duos who would like to train together

Session Price
Single Session $75 (per person)
Discounted Packages of Sessions 5 sessions for $325 (per person)
10 sessions for $600 (per person)
Many of our Physical Therapists are also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS).
**Call to ask about rates for Team Training with one of our Physical Therapists.



Athletic Recovery Services

Access to NORMATEC compression therapy, COMPEX neuromuscular stimulation therapy, and THERAGUN vibration therapy

Session Price
Single Session $25

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