Preparing for Hip Arthroscopy and Labral Repair Surgery

This  program from MOTI Physiotherapy, Inc (“MOTI”) is only designed to be used in conjunction with a prescribed personalized plan of care designed by your Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)/Occupational Therapy Doctor (OTD) and/or your Medical Doctor (MD). If you have an existing injury or existing pain or discomfort, consult with a physician or physical therapist in person to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan before participating in MOTI’s prehab program. This program is not designed to be used on its own without proper guidance from your DPT/OTD and/or MD. Exercise involves inherent risk of injury, and you are participating in MOTI’s prehab  program at your own risk. In consideration for participating in MOTI’s prehab program, you acknowledge the foregoing, and knowingly, voluntarily and expressly agree to waive any claim for damages or injury against MOTI, and release MOTI and its agents from any liability for injuries or damages sustained as a result of the use or misuse of the program. Do not participate in MOTI’s prehab program unless you understand and agree to the foregoing completely.

In this video series, Dr. Christine Lawson, PT, DPT, Dr. Jacob Moyer, PT, DPT, OCS, Dr. Ricki Rosol, PT, DPT, OCS, and Dr. Jayme Barr-Galang, PT, DPT will be reviewing key post operative steps for using your hip brace, sleeping boots, breath work, early post operative exercises.

Physical Therapy typically is initiated 7-10 days  post operatively depending on each surgeon’s preference and post operative protocol. If you know when you are having surgery and when your Surgeon recommends starting Physical Therapy, it is strongly advised to schedule your Physical Therapy evaluation before your surgery to not delay your plan of care. Post operative physical therapy will last approximately 3-6 months, but can be longer if we are preparing for return to sport. 2-3 days per week is recommended, but discuss with MD and PT team.

After Surgery Tips

After surgery you will be placed in a hip stabilizer brace given to you by your Surgeon. It is recommended that you wear this brace for the first 7-10 days during the day. You will also receive sleeping boots that will keep you stabile during sleep so you don’t injure youself at nigt. In the below three videos, Dr. Ricki will take you through how to properly take on your brace, and Dr. Jayme will discuss how use the boots for sleeping and how to get in and out of bed.

Early Physical Therapy Interventions

In this next video series, Dr. Jayme and Dr. Ricki will show you early Physical Therapy interventions to try at home and what to expect early on in your rehabilitation process.

Phase Two Physical Therapy Exercise Examples

In this next video series, Dr. Christine and Dr. Jake will show you examples of Phase 2 Physical Therapy exercisess tthat you may try around weeks 4-8 post-op.

We look forward to seeing you for your post operative evaluation at MOTI Physiotherapy. To set up your Physical Therapy evaluation, please contact MOTI Physiotherapy Playa Vista (323) 853-8553 or we have  3 other clinics in Los Feliz, Highland Park, and Mid-Wilshire areas to accommodate you. If you have questions regarding your surgery and Physical Therapy plan of care, please contact our Clinic Director, Dr. Christine Lawson [email protected] and she can help answer your questions!

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