Do I need a physician referral in order to receive Physical Therapy treatment?
For self-pay patients and some insurances - No. MOTI Physiotherapy accepts patients without a physician referral. In the state of California, patients are able to be evaluated and treated by licensed physical therapists without a physician referral under the legislation. However, certain insurances may require a physician referral in order to cover your PT visits. Call our office and our administrator will be happy to verify with your insurance company.
What insurances do you take?
We accept most PPO insurances.
What are your cash rates?
Our single session cash rate is $125 per visit. This applies to your initial evaluation and any follow up visits. We offer discount rates if you buy a package of visits. You can purchase 5 visits for $550 or 10 visits for $1000
Do you treat my condition?
If you have had a problem or pain that no one has been able to figure out, give a clinician at MOTI Physiotherapy a try. Call our office and schedule a free 15 minute consultation. A therapist would be happy to assess your problem and explain how they would be able to help. Diagnoses and problems commonly treated at MOTI Physiotherapy include: Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Injuries; Post-Operative Orthopedic Surgery; Scoliosis; Acute and Chronic Pain Problems; Neurological Disorders, Neuromuscular Dysfunction; Peripheral Vascular Problem including effects such as amputation; Sports injuries.
What is FAFS?
A Fellow of Applied Functional Science, which is the highest level of certification through the Gray Institute (www.grayinstitute.com). All FAFS therapists have completed a one year didactic and clinical continuing education fellowship emphasizing the principals, strategies, and techniques.
What forms of payment do you accept.
Cash, check, or credit card
How long is my visit?
Most Physical Therapy visits will last about 60 minutes. Your initial evaluation will likely last closer to 75 minutes.
What should I wear?
Please wear comfortable and athletic clothing. Closed toe shoes, preferably tennis shoe/sneaker.
My insurance has strict limits on how many physical therapy visits I have per year. What options do I have when my benefits run out?
A large percentage of our practice is performed on a “cash pay” basis. Moreover, we will work with you specifically by providing a thorough “home exercise program” with appropriate “upgrades” to allow you to do much of the work on your own.

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