11- Boobs are Temporary but Mental Health is Forever

Even though cancer starts as a physical manifestation, it is also a big hit to your mental health. As your tissues and body heals, we must mend that bridge between brain and body as well. Chronic physical pain and fear avoidance can cause a disconnect on your physical healing, and having the resources to address the psycho-emotional system is just as important. 

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the following symptoms contribute to depression if they last two weeks or longer. 

Mood-related symptoms: 

  • Feeling down 
  • Feeling sad 
  • Feeling hopeless 
  • Feeling irritable 
  • Feeling numb 
  • Feeling worthless 

Behavioral symptoms: 

  • Loss of interest in activities  
  • Frequent crying 
  • Withdrawal from friends or family 
  • Loss of motivation to do daily activities 

Cognitive symptoms: 

  • Trouble focusing 
  • Difficulty making decisions 
  • Memory issues 
  • Negative thoughts of self-worth or hurting self 

Make sure you implement a form of self-management or seek professional help to provide emotional support for you and your family.  

The Cancer Support Community of Pasadena is a great FREE resource for all cancer patients and family members, that creates a safe environment surrounded by other people that share the same concerns and understanding. 

Check out their website for weekly events and workshops: 


However, sometimes a group setting of sharing stories and group emotions could be overwhelming for some. If you want a more personal and private approach, here are some Healthcare Providers in the Los Angeles region that are highly recommended: 

Dr. Maryam Javanbakht, DPT, Physical Therapist 

Approach: Dr. Maryam helps bridge the gap between the emotional and physical body through meditation, pain and neural science education, cranial sacral techniques, and self-coping techniques. 


Dr. Mallory Aye, ND, Naturopathic Doctor 

Dr. Aye specializes in women’s health, pelvic pain, and mental health concerns, working with each individual to understand all the components of their mental and emotional health. 


Dr. Roxanne Prilutsky, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist 

Dr. Prilutsky treats patients with compounded medical and psychological issues, including trauma, anxiety, and pain. 


Dr. Dylan Firsick, Ph. D., Clinical Sport Psychologist 

Dr. Firsick is a sports psychologist for the USC Athletics and clinical assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral science at Keck Medicine of USC. His professional interests include sport psychology, injury recovery, alcohol and other drug treatment, men’s issues, sexual assault and relationship violence awareness and prevention, spirituality, cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal process therapy (CBT/IPT), depression, anxiety, diversity, and multiculturalism. 

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Email: [email protected] 

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