2 – My ACL Journey – ACL Repair vs. ACL Reconstruction

8/30/33 Dear ACL,  Choosing the right surgeon is not a difficult task and there are more components than having the “best surgeon.” These are the list of things I look for when choosing a surgeon... Continue Reading

1 – My ACL Journey – When you broke up with me…

8/28/22 Dear ACL,   I can’t believe the thing I love to rehab the most is now going to be the thing I will have to rehab myself with. The ACL is one of the most... Continue Reading

Diagnosis and Treatment for Concussion

What is concussion?             A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury known as a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). Concussions are caused from direct contact or a quick jolt to the head causing... Continue Reading

C Section Scar Mobilization

Many people feel apprehensive about touching their C Section scars, even well after they have healed. However it’s not only OK to touch your scar, it’s good! Touching and moving your scar will help it... Continue Reading

5 Tips to Get You to Race Day for the Marathon

The LA Marathon is only one month away! For all of those who are participating (myself included), it means that the bulk of your training is done and you are nearing the first finish line... Continue Reading

Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program: What, Why, How and What’s next?

What is your home program? After you complete your physical therapy evaluation your Doctor of Physical Therapy will provide you with your home exercise program that will compliment your plan of care. Your home exercise program... Continue Reading

Lymphedema Therapy After Mastectomy

Why is my arm swollen after mastectomy? Mastectomy from breast cancer can present multiple challenges in and of itself as the tissues heal and the shoulder is initially limited to lifting. If your mastectomy involved... Continue Reading

Physical Therapy Can Help Your Golf Game

Hello everyone! My name is Nickon Sharifabadi, I am a physical therapist at MOTI Physiotherapy, Los Feliz. I have been golfing for more than a decade now and have found myself in an interesting position... Continue Reading

Pain with Sex or Tampons? How Pelvic Floor Therapy May Help You and Five Exercises You Can Try Today

Do you have problems inserting a tampon? Do you dread going to the gynecologist because you can’t tolerate the speculum? Do you avoid penetrative sex because it hurts too much?  Pain with penetration can be... Continue Reading

Pelvic Floor Therapy: What to expect on your first visit and follow up visits

Examination: As with orthopaedic physical therapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation starts with examination to understand what different factors may be contributing to your dysfunction. An intial pelvic floor therapy exam will typically involve the following elements:-A thorough... Continue Reading

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