Postpartum Recovery Weeks 3-4

Entering weeks 3 to 4 postpartum I felt more comfortable with movement and desired it due to some of the aches and pains I was starting to experience from breastfeeding and repetitive carrying, bending, and... Continue Reading

Postpartum recovery weeks 2-3

In the second to third week postpartum I continued to only focus on light movement of 5–10-minute intervals, maybe once or twice a day. My sole focus was trying to rest, when possible, stay hydrated... Continue Reading

My first week Postpartum: Cesarian birth recovery and body mechanics

I welcomed my son about three weeks ago, he was delivered via a planned gentle cesarian birth at 38 weeks and 6 days due to low amniotic fluid complications. The last 8 weeks of my... Continue Reading

10 – My ACL Journey – Return to Work and An Unexpected Suture Abscess!

10/19/22 I returned to work this week and feeling great!   On Monday and Tuesday I was using my knee brace to stand and treat some patients but it made my leg very itchy after. The... Continue Reading

9 – My ACL Journey – Post Op Stomach Pain, an Allergic Reaction, and First Steps!

10/5/22 I don’t think I do well with consecutive days of Tylenol (600mg) and Motrine (800 mg). It killed my stomach last night when I woke up with the same stomach pains I had when I was... Continue Reading

8 – My ACL Journey – Post Op Review and Early Rehab

10/4/22 My surgeon called me today and told me to come in early because he wanted to take a look at my knee. Dr. Mehran took off my steris-trips and replaced them with some new ones.... Continue Reading

What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Ways to Manage It

Anatomy In order to understand what pelvic organ prolapse is, we must first understand female pelvic anatomy. At the front (anterior) of the pelvis, there is the bladder and urethra, in the middle there is... Continue Reading

7 – My ACL Journey – Sleeping, Showering, and Riding in a Car After Surgery

9/29/22 – Sleeping Sucks I decided tonight to skip on the oxy and continue with just Tylenol and Motrin. My husband left me an oxy pill on my side table just in case I wake... Continue Reading

6 – My ACL Journey – Hello new ACL

9/27/22 Today is the day… and I am nervous AF. Had to wake up early, shower, wipe myself down with this antiseptic thing. Which, btw, takes about 10 minutes to air dry while you’re naked... Continue Reading

5 – My ACL Journey – Intensive BFR Training Prehab

9/26/22 Immediately following my injury, I transitioned my everyday weight lifting workouts to intensive BFR prehab exercises. There was so much atrophy that happened immediately after acute injury to the surrounding muscles and I knew... Continue Reading

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