Megan O'Linn

Postpartum Recovery Weeks 3-4

Entering weeks 3 to 4 postpartum I felt more comfortable with movement and desired it due to some of the aches and pains I was starting to experience from breastfeeding and repetitive carrying, bending, and... Continue Reading

Postpartum recovery weeks 2-3

In the second to third week postpartum I continued to only focus on light movement of 5–10-minute intervals, maybe once or twice a day. My sole focus was trying to rest, when possible, stay hydrated... Continue Reading

My first week Postpartum: Cesarian birth recovery and body mechanics

I welcomed my son about three weeks ago, he was delivered via a planned gentle cesarian birth at 38 weeks and 6 days due to low amniotic fluid complications. The last 8 weeks of my... Continue Reading

Physical Therapy Home Exercise Program: What, Why, How and What’s next?

What is your home program? After you complete your physical therapy evaluation your Doctor of Physical Therapy will provide you with your home exercise program that will compliment your plan of care. Your home exercise program... Continue Reading

Standing desk set up and key postural tips and exercises to help manage neck and low back pain in the office and at home

Low back and neck pain are among the highest disability rates and cause of individuals seeking medical attention. Low back is the 3rd leading cause of self-perceived disability and is responsible for 40% of all claims... Continue Reading

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