Tennis Players

Recreational and professional tennis players spend a lot of time on the court, leading to many common over-use injuries.

The repetitive arm motions required to serve and hit the ball can lead to rotator cuff tendinitis, shoulder impingement, and tennis elbow. It’s also common for tennis athletes to experience low back pain due to the fast weight transfers, jumping, and twisting that happen on the court.

Your MOTI Physical Therapist will work with you to relieve the painful symptoms of your tennis injury and to restore function so that you return to sport without pain and with a better understanding of how to maintain optimum performance. Your Therapist will identify the movement patterns that led to your tennis injury and help you to retrain your body’s mechanics in order to correct those movement faults. Tennis, like all sports, requires a healthy amount of cross-training off the court in order to develop the strength, mobility, and balance to keep you fully functional in the game. As part of your treatment plan, your Therapist will educate you in how to maintain these cross-training practices for your game.

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