Active Adults

Many of us enjoy an active lifestyle but may find ourselves held back by ongoing pain or stiffness or frustrated that our body doesn’t function the way it used to. This may hold you back at work, at play, or even during regular daily activities.

The Physical Therapists at MOTI can help you set and achieve personal goals for physical movement as well as for overall health and wellness.

Our treatment will always start with a thorough evaluation and 3-dimensional functional movement assessment. This will enable us to diagnose the problem or problems and devise an action plan to move forward. We start with an acute program and then work on a plan that you can fit into everyday life. Our programming at MOTI is successful because it is personalized to you and to no one else, and because it looks far beyond the simple relief of a symptom such as low back pain. We identify the movement patterns and lifestyle habits that created that symptom in the first place and work to create better, sustainable movement patterns and habits.

There is overwhelming evidence that physical therapy can be more effective than surgery for certain problems like low back pain. But it is not a quick fix…it takes time, work, and most importantly the will to improve your daily life experience. We help active adults to move better, and we teach you what you must do on your own, outside of our facility, to maintain the results we achieve at MOTI. When we identify what makes you feel better, you have to keep doing it. This sustainability of wellness is our ultimate goal, and our Physical Therapists want to inspire you to sustain a lifetime of pain-free living and optimum performance.

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