Football Players

As a collision sport, football is a hotbed for injury.

Traumatic injuries such as ACL and/or meniscus tears in the knees or labrum tears in the shoulder can be the result of a collision with another player or can happen during the dynamic movement of non-impact play. Football players may also find their performance compromised by overuse injuries like lower back pain or knee stiffness and pain. At MOTI, we will help the football player rehabilitate the injury and return to sport. We also play a large role in the recovery and rehabilitation from concussion injuries.

MOTI is set apart from the average physical therapy clinic in that the facility offers a large movement space, top tier equipment, blood flow restriction training (BFR), advanced programming developed through science and led by experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy. 

With football athletes we focus on: 

  • Advanced movement strategies trained through quality repetition 
  • Improvement of Athletic Performance
  • Importance of recovery strategies and self-care
  • Tailored programming designed around the individual 
  • Well rounded training to feel better, stay healthy, and perform at the peak of your game

As a former football player turned coach with 12+ years of experience, Dr. Kirk Ramirez, PT, DPT is familiar with the demands of the sport and is able to specialize in the treatment and training of competitive athletes. He now serves as team doctor on the sidelines on Friday nights for 2 Covina area high school football programs. Utilizing his experience balanced with evidence-based clinical approach, he can help athletes get back on the field or provide optimized training to attain a competitive edge.

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