Expectant Mothers & New Mothers

Physical therapy during pregnancy can be useful for remedying common discomforts like back pain or for enhancing your body’s ability to have a smoother pregnancy and birth.

Additional weight, poor posture, stress and control of the center of gravity are not independent from one another. A change in your center of gravity affects your posture, which causes the muscles to work harder. Increased exertion creates fatigue, which leads to a decreased motivation to be active. The absence of an athletic release often results in increased stress. This domino effect can be slowed greatly with the help of physical therapy.

Lower back pain is an all too common reality for many expecting mothers. As the uterus and baby grow, the mother’s center of gravity moves forward. This shift increases the amount of force the muscles must generate for everyday support causing women to slump forward. Over time this poor alignment creates muscle tightness in the pectoral muscles, rolling the shoulders forward and creating increased stress on the muscles of the neck, shoulders and mid-back. If these muscular factors are not addressed, these forces will ultimately be translated down to the low back, an area which is already under a great deal of stress because it is supporting the increased center of gravity.

At MOTI, we work with expectant mothers to relieve these common pregnancy symptoms. Our Physical Therapists identify harmful movement patterns and imbalances, and then work to create a balance of mobility and stability for the expectant mother. For most pregnant women, your plan of care will include a home exercise regimen to help you sustain this balance throughout your pregnancy.

Additionally, exercise increases physical endurance and muscle strength, especially in the hips, back and abdomen. Improving these areas can prepare the body for the physically demanding event of delivering a baby. Finally, therapeutic exercise during pregnancy can assist the recovery after the delivery. It tones muscle which will improve metabolism, decrease the severity of fatigue, and assist in reclaiming your pre-pregnancy weight.

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