Endurance Sports

At MOTI, we have immense respect for the discipline and endurance of runners and multi-sport athletes.

We can identify and rehabilitate your injuries; but beyond that, we want to help you maximize your potential with expert analysis and sport-specific training. Every treatment plan is specific to the individual’s needs.

With a 3D Functional Movement Assessment and Gait Analysis, your Physical Therapist will evaluate your movement patterns and provide you the information needed to prevent injuries and maximize performance potential. Your MOTI Therapist will evaluate your musculoskeletal health, mobility, stability, cadence, vertical displacement, hip balance, foot strike, thoracic rotation and lower extremity positioning. By evaluating these many complexities, your Therapist can help you correct faulty movement patterns and gain better performance standards.

In addition to developing an individualized, sport-specific therapeutic exercise program, your Physical Therapist can use manual therapy techniques to reduce restrictions and maintain functional movement patterns.

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