Basketball Players

There are a variety of injuries that can occur in basketball players, that are either acute (occur suddenly) or happen as a result of overuse and repetitive motions, such as shooting the ball.

Basketball players are typically prone to injuries that correspond with specific motions of the game. For example, the ankle can be injured from landing or jumping while off balance. Knee injuries are common as a result of decelerating during cutting and stopping. Stress fractures are also a common basketball injury that occurs as a result of rapid increases in the level of training.

The best way to avoid basketball-related injuries is to be trained in proper technique and mechanics, so that players are prepared for the demands of the game…whether playing recreationally or competitively. Through functional movement assessment, we can identify inefficient movement patterns in the individual player, and then implement a corrective exercise program designed specifically to correct inefficient movement patterns and optimize performance.

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