• Derek has been treating me post total knee replacement surgery for the last couple of months, and I can not praise him highly enough. Not only is he super competent in terms of physical therapy, but he also is very good at identifying mental or psychological difficulties in patients. I cannot speak for others, but with me he understood my problems even before I understood them (and I am a well-educated person with deep interests about many things, especially in the psychological arena, so it is not easy to impress me!). He then was able to address my issues gently but firmly and with patience and persistence until he got me over the hump and to the next stage of functionality. He possesses rare insight, even rarer capacity for empathy, along with excellent intellectual skills and ongoing curiosity. He knows when to push and when to be more lenient, he always has a sense of humor, he knows when to tell me what to do and when to listen. And when he listens, he REALLY listens and then applies that knowledge to updated or modified practices to MY benefit, not to his! I am not the easy praiser, in fact I mostly find fault. So my praise for Derek is worth at least double in my mind, as it is so rare. HE is rare, and a keeper!
    Beatrice H.
  • Brian and the folks at MOTI are miracle workers! I first found Brian when I needed physical therapy for a hip injury. I had limited mobility and pain every time I exercised. Another PT place told me there was nothing I could do besides surgery. But thankfully Brian had a totally different approach--using stretching and exercises to strengthen the muscle around my hip, I regained full flexibility in a matter of months, and now I regularly go to yoga, dance, and spin classes with no problem! After gaining my mobility back, I knew I wanted to stick with these folks who knew my body and my old injury well, so I've continued with MOTI for personal training. As an actress, my body's physical appearance is super important to my career, and Brian understood this from the start. I was always scared of meathead trainers that would bulk me up too much, but Brian and his assistants are so smart and strategic in their training-- giving me the perfect combo of HIIT cardio and weight training so that I get all that lean muscle tone without the bulk. It's just challenging and fun enough to make me actually look forward to training, which is something I never thought I'd say. In a few months time, I've seen a total transformation in my body--I have flat abs for the first time in my life and I'm closer than ever to my goal weight! Brian also helped me completely revamp my approach to eating healthy and maintaining a sustainable lifestyle where I won't just gain everything back. As for MOTI, everyone is friendly and welcoming, and the space is clean and bright, like an adult playground; bonus: they always play the best '90s hip hop. I'd highly recommend MOTI to anyone seeking to rehabilitate an injury and/or finally reach your fitness goals.
    Emily C.
  • I can honestly say Nick saved my career as a dancer and helped to make the dreams I have for myself possible again when he rehabbed me back from my third ACL reconstruction. His knowledge and tenacity are truly phenomenal while his passion for his work and his compassion for his clients are endless and incredibly contagious. He successfully guided me through all of the tough hurdles of therapy and his authentic love and support taught me to believe in myself and to trust the process in the moments I may have had doubts. I love Nick's perfect balance of nurturing while still pushing you past your comfort zone. I've trained as a dancer my whole life but the results I've seen since working with Nick have been astounding. Nick is a world class physical therapist, but he's so much more than that. He is a mentor and most importantly a wonderful friend. I feel so lucky to have him guiding me and I believe anyone who works with him will agree!
    Jaimie Goodwin - professional dancer, So You Think You Can Dance
  • Dr. Lindsay Brunner provided me with amazing care while I treated at MOTI Physiotherapy in Los Angeles. I highly recommend treating here if you have any issues with pain. As a distance runner, I was experiencing ankle pain and was afraid I was injuring myself further every time I went for a run. Lindsay's treatment plan allowed me to get back to my running again and my mileage is increasing every week. I continue to work on my mobility and strengthening exercises on my own, but without Lindsay's assistance, I don't think I would feel as good as I do today. I'm grateful for her help. Plus, the MOTI offices are top notch, clean and bright with cutting edge equipment.
    Steven Collar
  • Where do I even begin! As a dancer/ athlete, our bodies are everything- our lively hood, passion, and daily life are so completely entwined with having a healthy body- so, when you become injured, it is pretty terrifying.  There is nothing better than knowing EXACTLY where to go to get back to your optimal performance level.  That is Nick!  Nick’s expertise in athletes and dancers is so deep - it totally puts you at ease to have someone that understands why you are hurting, and how to make that pain go away, and how to get you strong again.  He sets you up with a complete plan of how to get your body back to where it needs to be.  He also works very closely with his amazing dancer wife Katie, on preventative work for dancers, which is so important!  Nick is so easy to work with and just pushes you in the best possible way to get the best possible results.  I refer all of my friends, dancers, non-dancers, to NIck- he is THE MAN!
    Alison Faulk - choreographer, Magic Mike
  • I have been referring patients to Nick Cutri- injury rehab, post op management and the collegiate/professional athlete- for over 5 years and I have heard nothing but rave reviews for both his personality and attentive medical care. My discussions on the phone with Nick have confirmed to me his deep understanding of physiology and mechanics, which make his rehabilitation and training programs second to none. From the athletes to the nurses, to the family members I have sent him I have witnessed nothing but excellent results. He is my Physical Therapist of choice in the Southern California area.
    Gary J. Nitti, M.D., F.A.C.A.
  • I started working with Nick at about 3 months post ACL/MCL knee reconstruction. As a professional rugby player, Nick understood my needs, concerns and most importantly what kind of a mental battle I was in during the rehabilitation process. He conducted himself like a true professional throughout the 11 month rehabilitation and always went the extra mile to ensure I remained on track and made the best possible recovery. He believed in me when not many people did! It's safe to say I made a full recovery, signed a new professional contract and completed a full 12 match season. He literally got me back on my feet and taught me how to run again. Today I consider Nick a very good friend and without a shadow of a doubt the best physical therapist I have ever worked with.
    Charlie Purdon - professional rugby player
  • After suffering a debilitating kneecap dislocation injury, I had tried several therapies with very little success. For 10 months I endured a number of physical therapists, chiropractors, and surgeons as well as going through several MRI’s, X- Rays, and even Prolotherapy treatments. Each surgeon I had seen had offered surgery with no real guarantee that I would be able to dance again. I was just about to give in and schedule the surgery, hoping for the best. That was until I discovered Sugarfoot therapy and FINALLY began to see some results. I learned about Sugarfoot through social media and began showing up to the live classes taught by Katie Cutri. I was particularly drawn to the fact that they target injury prevention for dancers. After a few classes, Katie directed me to her husband, Nick Cutri, for a consultation to nail down what was going on with my knee and to determine my next step towards recovery. To be completely honest, I had lost all hope in physical therapists for as many as I had been to throughout the years, I never seemed to have much luck. As a dancer, it seems incredibly difficult to find a good doctor or PT who is going to push you and make you stronger. However, Nick changed that for me completely. I like to say he goes down in history as the only PT I truly trust. After my consultation with him, I knew immediately that I was finally in good hands. I left without any questions, as he is one of the first people that actually listened to everything I had to say and answered all of my questions. After sending me to another surgeon to get the go-ahead for PT, Nick expressed great hope and told me that this was not an easy fix but that with consistent hard work, he truly believed he could get me back on my feet and dance again. And he did just that. About 6 months later I was up and able to dance again and within another 3 months I was released from PT feeling stronger than I ever had before. Throughout my entire experience with Nick, I was not only becoming stronger but I was becoming more and more educated about my body and how to properly take care of it. I cannot stress enough how important it is to find a good doctor. Find one who is going to push you, challenge you, educate you, be HONEST with you, and most of all, listen to you; and I can definitely say that is EXACTLY what Nick does. He even goes above and beyond seeking out new ways and exercises to get you back on your feet. It was not uncommon that I would walk in to find him researching a question I had or to present me with a new exercise he discovered that he believed would help. My appreciation for his dedication to his work and patients is beyond words. He’s basically the only PT I’ll ever go to from now on. I still continue to use the online Sugarfoot classes to keep up and improve my strength and am happy to say I am back in full-swing dancing again and pain-free.
    Emily Rodriguez - professional dancer
  • I did their Mom Strong program, which was focused on building strength and learning the correct ways to move your body/workout postpartum. Megan, who led the classes, was so great in showing us how to do these new strength building exercises and also how to implement them easily at home. She took time with every person to correct their positions and show us how our bodies are supposed to look and feel to get the most out of each exercise. The class was 6 weeks long and each class we progressed our abilities and stamina. By the end, I was able to hold poses/do reps that I did not think I could do, I definitely noticed an increase in my strength! I would recommend this program to any new Mom who doesn't know where to start in getting back to feeling like "yourself". Because it's not just about getting back your original body, you want to feel strong and capable in your NEW body, and MOTI and Megan were really integral in helping me get there.
    Zoe B.
  • Ann DeGrey is my PT at MOTI. She is wonderful - best sports therapist I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Knows her stuff and is very involved in the sports community. Moti is a great facility - clean, beautiful, new equipment, and nice people - enjoy!
    Mary C.
  • MOTI came highly recommended by the orthopedic surgeon who repaired my shredded meniscus. I began seeing Dr Jake Moyer before my surgery and continued after which made surgery that much easier. This approach worked well because Dr Jake was able to adjust my gait though a series of PT exercises which helped enormously with pain management before my surgery. After surgery we continued those exercises and added additional exercises that included weight to strengthen my knee. I also learned how to balance at MOTI and I literally never in my life had balance and this has been a godsend. Additionally, I’m a swimmer and was concerned I wouldn’t be able to swim breaststroke ever again because of my knee. Upon hearing that Dr Jake created exercises specifically to get my breaststroke kick back. Best of all when I finally was able to get back into the pool my swimming had drastically improved from the exercise’s Dr Jake had created for me. My breaststroke kick is now better than ever because I learned how to power my kick from my glutes rather than solely from my quads as I had been doing as long as I can remember. Mostly importantly MOTI is fun, everyone who works there is delightful and the mood is always uplifting. I always looked forward to my sessions and I can’t recommend MOTI and Dr Jake enough.
    Nico S.

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