MOTI as a Teaching Institution

MOTI is proud to partner with leading educational institutions as a Clinical Instruction site for doctoral candidates working towards their Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). This enables MOTI to develop constructive relationships with DPT programs to positively influence the next generation of physical therapists

The doctoral candidate’s experience at MOTI…

The DPT candidate receives a unique and rich clinical experience at MOTI through one on one instruction with the appointed MOTI Clinical Instructor. This ensures quality attention and guidance from their instructor. With MOTI’s robust staff of highly credentialed and specialized DPT’s, doctoral candidates get the opportunity to learn from board certified sports, orthopedic, and women’s health PTs. For DPT candidates interested in treating outpatient orthopedics as well as specialized sports rehab and performance training, MOTI provides treatment for high level athletes such as professional dancers, professional skateboarders, US team athletes, and local high school/college athletes. Furthermore, through its Clinical Instruction partnerships, MOTI is able to identify high potential DPTs to join the MOTI team.

An enhanced patient experience…

Through our Clinical Instruction partnerships, MOTI enhances the quality of care being provided, where MOTI patients receive treatment through the collaborative care of 2 physical therapists, the instructing DPT AND the DPT candidate. Plus, this collaborative care provides greater patient scheduling flexibility.

MOTI has partnered with these DPT programs as a Clinical Instruction provider:

  • University of Southern California
  • University of St. Augustine
  • Northwestern University
  • Mt. Saint Mary’s University

MOTI welcomes the opportunity to form new partnerships with DPT programs. Please email Clinic Instruction Program Director, Dr. Jacob Moyer at [email protected]

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