8 – My ACL Journey – Post Op Review and Early Rehab


My surgeon called me today and told me to come in early because he wanted to take a look at my knee. Dr. Mehran took off my steris-trips and replaced them with some new ones. He also cut the end off my stiches and told me the ones inside my knee are dissolvable. Fun fact, it is not a comfortable experience to get steri-strips yanked off and stitches tugged on. However, it’s fast and tolerable. 

I remember before going under anesthesia, I was asking the nurses repeatedly…”MAKE SURE YOU ASK HIM TO TAKE PICTURES.” And man did they follow through. Dr. Mehran took a bunch of photos arthroscopically for me and showed me what was going on inside my knee. Let me share! 

In images 1-3, you can see my clean joint space and healthy and undamaged cartilage inside my knee.  

Image 4-9 shows my torn ACL. 

Images 12-14 shows my own ACL being repaired and achored into the wall. 

*** Dr. Mehran then flexes and extends my knee to test the integrity of the repaired ACL. He said the sutures complete shredded my ACL, showing that my ACL is unrepairable. He then quickly pivoted to harvesting my quad tendon and performed a ACL reconstruction.**** 

Images 15-16 is of my new ACL in it’s home.  


I am so happy with my progress thus far. I have the correct amount of extension and progressing everyday with my flexion. This was my rehab protocol at home for the first three weeks post op.  

Doubling up on BFR and Powerdots 

Getting Knee extension to 0 

Sitting on my recliner couch to dangle my feet. I would start with the recliner up and slowly retract the recliner so I could get close to 90 deg. 

My Rehab Regimen – Quadzilla Here I COME!!! 

My first straight leg raise!

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