4 – My ACL Journey – Prepping for Surgery


I had my pre-op visit with the PA prior to my surgery. She went over all the things I may need after my surgery such as getting a handicap placard, setting up my time off work, notes for traveling, note for disability time off, getting my crutches, choosing my pain meds and what to do the morning of my surgery. I want to share all the things I did to get myself prepared for surgery.  

MEDS: There were two options given to me… Narcotic or the Non-narcotic package. Here is what it entails: 
– Oxycodone (for pain) 
– Aspirin (for blood clots) 
– Laxative (for pain med) 
– Zofran (for nausea) 
– Tylenol (for pain) 
– Motrin (anti-inflammatory) 
– Nerve blocker 
– Muscle relaxant 
– Aspirin (for blood clots) 

They allowed me to get both, so I did since I was not sure how much pain I would be after.  


I purchased a triangular wedge so after surgery I could elevate my leg and keep it in extension.  
This is a great wedge to have: Amazon Triangle Pillow Wedge 

It’s also the end of the hottest time of the year for us in California, so having blankets was going to be difficult to navigate. Instead I used my Sand Cloud beach towel as a blanket because it is very soft, light to move around, and easily washable. It is made by 100% Turkish organic cotton and profits go back to marine conservation! SandCloud Towels 


Icing is very important after surgery because my knee was going to be very swollen and inflamed. I have two types of icing methods so I can switch back and forth from. I already have a soft gel/clay ice pack that I leave in my freezer. I would wrap it around my knee with an elastic bandage to compress and keep in place. I also purchased a cheap ice machine which can cycle iced cold water for as long as I want. Donjoy Iceman Clear3 is an affordable ice machine and I would suggest getting the extended hose so you can use it on the couch or on the bed.  
(Promo Code FREEZE10 to get $10 off) 

FEMALE HYGEINE: The universe decided to gift me with my period a day after my surgery date so I needed to prepare for that. I set up my bathroom with stools so I can prop leg surgical leg up, a pitcher to fill up with water so I can wash myself over the toilet and stocked up on tampons and pads. I also invested in THINX panties just in case there was leakage and I could not get to the bathroom in time due to my limitations. (A commode could also help if you have a low toilet since it will elevate the seat and have handles for your to safely don and doff the porcelain throne.) 

Healthy Bowel Movements

Do not take this lightly….being constipated is the most painful thing you will ever experience. With the anesthesia and pain medications taken, patients MUST remember to take their stool softeners or laxatives. I personally prefer Miralax and I take a scoop a day the week before surgery and well into the days after. It is a tasteless powder that dissolves completely in water, coffee, or juice with no texture. Taking this daily kept my gut happy and I did not have any trouble at all. 

My list of other purchases for preparing for my ACL recovery can be found at this link: 


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